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The Chief Technology Officer/CTO Role

Hiring a fractional/interim CTO, technology strategy and hiring

Hiring an interim or fractional CTO

Overview of interim and fractional CTO's, when you should consider one and how to hire (me).

What is a fractional CTO?

What a fractional CTO is, what they do and how they can help your business.

Technology Management and Culture

Common technology management problems, questions and improvement for teams.

How do I make the developers go faster?

An overview of software productivity, the pitfalls of measuring individuals rather than teams and which metrics to focus on.

What makes an effective tech team?

What elements make an effective tech team for a business - communication, well-balanced, multi-disciplinary.

More Effective Product and Engineering Teams

How to bridge the gap between product and engineering, create the right balance between product and platform to ensure a healthy team, product and business.

Software Architecture

Research and writing on software architecture

Software Design Workshops and the Architecture Guild

An overview of software architecture and design, creating explicit design intent and incrementally improving your software architecture.

Software Architect As A Service

Why planning the near future is important in software architecture and hiring me to help with your architectural improvement.

Non-functional requirements

Non-functional requirements and using OPAQ to plan out your architecture.

Software Development Processes

Research and writing on software development

Estimation 101

An overview of the process of estimation in software development and how to use PERT and other techniques to be more accurate.

Analysing Git Pull Request Review Time

Analysing your git pull request open time and optimising your team to help with delivery bottlenecks.


A series of articles on making music programatically with Sonic Pi.

Sonic Pi: Part One

An overview of Sonic Pi, the basics behind programming and music.

Sonic Pi: Structure/FX

How to build structure and use effects in Sonic Pi.

Sonic Pi: Sequencing Parts

How to create multiple sequential parts in Sonic Pi.

Mobile Application Development

Number of articles on my (currently) preferred method of developing mobile apps - React Native.

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