All of my personal projects reside in the music, food-tech or pet-tech space currently. If you want to collaborate, purchase or white-label a solution get in-touch.

Click Treat

Click Treat was built out as a pet-tech 'digital clicker' product (React Native app, Async Storage on Expo) for @ Barketplace. 1000+ installs and counting

Shop Chop

Two apps built out in the food-tech space to provide collaborative real-time shopping preparation and collection. This is just the start of the journey.


Loquacious is a simple word app to improve your vocabulary. Built on Expo, React Native with SQLite as a backend. Uses Python for Glue.

Webhook Platform

A webhook platform written in Express, Pug, Node.js and SQLite (because I was a little fedup of Zapier). Allows you to deploy scripts webhooks or chain scripts together with variables, view output and results.


Simple score keeping app